How to Repair a Shingle Roof Leak 

Our roofing system is very important, that’s why it should be on top of our maintenance list. Since they are exposed to different elements and weather, they are subject to wear and tear and damages. The good thing is that you can have a regular check-up and maintenance done by Anchorage roofing company. There are DIY roof repairs you can do, and there are also that need to be done by a professional. In this article, we’ll show you how to repair leaks in a shingle roof.  Shingle Roof Leak 

Check the Water Damage 

You will see water damage marks on the ceiling, and that’s the obvious sign of a leak. If you haven’t tracked down the leak yet, go to the attic and look for mold and stains. You can also do a water test to find the leaking source. If you’ve got a slanted roof, check the areas that are higher than where you see the drips.  

Leaks can also cause a lot of wear and tear. So, check for cracked, curled and missing shingles at the site of the leak. If there are missing and failing shingles, it’s a sign that the leak has gone too far.  

Straighten and Reattach Curled Shingles 

The corners of the asphalt singles will curl overtime and this is a bad sign. So smooth out the curled shingles and apply a dab of roof sealant under the corners. Press down the shingle and use a trowel to cover the edges of the shingle with roof cement.  

This roofing material is sensitive to cold temperatures. You will need a blow dryer to soften the curled shingle. Don’t use something that has a heat source because it will damage the shingle. The warmth of blow dryer is just fine.  

Repair a Clean Crack with Roof Sealant 

You can apply a roof sealant under the crack of the shingle so you don’t have to replace it. Press down the shingle and apply a roof seaant. Spread the top bead of the sealant using a putty knife so it reaches the crack’s edges. If you want to make it look like you didn’t do any repair, get some amount of asphalt granules from the ones accumulated in the gutter. Sprinkle the granules in the sealant.  

Replace Broken or Missing Shingles 

If there is a part of the shingle is missing, then you need to replace it. You can find a replacement in the hardware store. If you have a broken shingle, just lift the edges carefully using a pry bar. Remove the nails, slide it out and scrape the area so the remaining roofing cement is removed. You can soften the shingles using a blow dryer. Once you removed the broken shingle, round the back corners of the shingle using a utility knife.  

Slide the replacement shingle, lift it gently above and drive 3.2 cm galvanized roofing nails to the corners of the shingles. Lastly, apply roof cement over the edges of the new shingles.

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